Aloaha Ltd, an international developer of document security and smart card software, will be exhibiting its full range of products at a prestigious trade fair of digital technology, CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, between March 4 and 9.

Last year CeBIT had an attendance of 500,000 visitors. Con­sidered as the world’s biggest trade fair as well as the annual meeting place for the entire ICT industry, CeBIT’s theme for this year is ‘Improving life for the global village’.

With this in mind, leading-edge technology providers, research institutes and academia will all be meeting in one place to offer their exceptional expertise to all areas of society, including government agencies, industry and private ­individuals.

One important motivation in the ICT business is keeping track of new legal and policy developments.

A case in point is the EU’s deadline for 2010, when the European e-ID Management Framework comes into force. Also of great importance is the EU-wide launching of e-health cards.

In fact the Director of Aloaha Ltd has been collaborating steadily with the German health authorities in drafting the standards of electronic signatures for medical correspondence.

Under EU law, for an electronic signature to be legally ­binding, it is important that the signature provides authentication of the party who created it and ensures that what was signed cannot be altered.

Also important is that the party is able to keep an original of the data and of the electronic signature for his own records.

For an electronic signature to be issued it needs a driver, a smart card (which is considered the most secure device with respect to authentication purposes), a qualified certificate issued by a certificate service provider and finally interface software like the Aloaha Card Connector to finalise the signing of the ­document.

Aloaha supports various smart cards such as the German Health Insurance and Health Professional Card, the Belgium e-ID (Belpic), Swiss GS1, Italian Infocamere, Austrian Buergerkarte, SagemOrga Micardo, CardOS, Sicrypt, D-Trust, SignTrust and others.

Furthermore, the Aloaha PDF Signator is able to display and ­digitally sign any PDF document. The package also includes an ActiveX version to integrate the Aloaha technology into existing applications.

A full list of products exhibited on the fair can be seen at

Times of Malta: Aloaha exhibiting at CeBIT 2008