CeBIT 2009 was again a hallmark for Malta based company Aloaha Limited which specialises in smart card technology, digital signatures and encryption processes. After this year’s success in participating in the world largest ICT trade fair, in Hannover, Germany, Aloaha’s markets have extended considerably and are now incorporating the communications industry.

Digital signatures and encryption processes are used to secure the integrity of PDF, XML and WinWord documents, mail correspondence and overall transmission of data. The market of electronic signatures and encryption is growing rapidly and is now covering voice, data and SMS, the company said.

At CeBIT 2009 Aloaha launched the mobile PKI SIM cards together with its PKI SIM encrypted connectivity and PKI SIM encrypted mobile Storage. The completely brand new product range for Windows Mobile devices includes mobile authentication and encryption features for voice, data and SMS. The Public Key Infrastructure is a set of hardware, software, people, policies, and procedures needed to create, manage, store, distribute, and revoke digital certificates.

Another highlight on CeBIT was the Aloaha Smartcard Connector which can close the gap between existing PKIs by using software certificates and hardware tokens. With the new PKCS #10 auto enrolment functionality, software certificates can be enrolled on any Aloaha supported hardware token. Hardware tokens can be smartcards, contactless Mifare Cards or supported mobile phones.

Aloaha thanked Malta Enterprise which coordinated the Enterprise Europe Network Brokerage Event for Maltese companies. The Enterprise Europe Network, a European project to which Malta Enterprise is member, assisted participants set bilateral meetings with potential partners during the event.

Times of Malta: Maltese mobile security technology presented in Germany