Aloaha Secure Stick

The Aloaha Secure Stick[1] virtualizes Applications and the Aloaha Smartcard Middleware so that no Admin rights are required to run the Application. One example is the AloahaID Web[2].

In the context of the Aloaha Secure Stick there is always the topic “Zero Footprint” popping up. The understanding of “Zero Footprint” if different in every organisation. We as Aloaha would be very interested in YOUR understanding of “Zero Footprint”.

Zero Footprint

“Zero Footprint” is currently quite a fancy wording in IT. But there are many definitions of “Zero Footprint”. What is your definition of “Zero Footprint”?

  1. No Admin rights required to run the installation.
  2. “XCopy Deployment[3]” – there is no specific installer required to run an application.
  3. Nothing is left behind on the host machine after stopping the application. Internet Coffee Shop usage is a must.
  4. We do not care. It just has to work. Similar to option 2.

SSL VPN Tunnel

For many virtual Applications it is essential that they are able to access their host via SSL VPN. Unfortunately the term “SSL VPN” is used for several totally different technologies. What do you understand when you use the term “SSL VPN”?

  1. SSL Security for Websites starting with https.
  2. SSL Security wrapped around standard protocols such as RDP v6, Citrix SSL or FTPs.
  3. Real VPN with VPN Network Adapter since 2/3 are not an option.

RDP / Citrix

Above we mentioned RDP/Critrix. Those applications are the most important uses cases for our customers. In case you are using RDP and/or Citrix – how are you using it?

  1. I use RDP/Citrix unsecured via the standard applications/protocol.
  2. I use RDP/Citrix secured via the standard, but SSL secured, applications/protocol.
  3. I am calling the remote Desktop via secured SSL (https) web connection.
  4. To be able to use RDP/Citrix the user first has to establish a VPN to our Gateway. 2/3 are not an option.