Aloaha PDF Suite now with new PDF2TXT Engine

The Aloaha PDF Suite PDF2TXT Engine is being used in various functions like:

The new release of the Aloaha PDF Suite now includes a new optimized PDF2TXT Engine with a higher object detection rate and improved performance.

Daily builds can be downloaded from: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/20338532/beta/aloaha_pdf.zip

The official release download link is: http://www.aloaha.com/download/aloaha_pdf.zip

Please contact info@aloaha.com to obtain an evaluation key!

The usage of our PDF2TXT API is pretty easy. Just try the following sample:


Dim pdf 
Dim pdffile 
Dim pageno 

Set pdf = CreateObject(“aloahapdf.edit”) 


If pdf.load_pdf_to_mem(CStr(pdffile)) = true Then 
          MsgBox pdf.get_page_text(CLng(pageno),0) 
End If 

Set pdf = nothing


Aloaha releases one of the worlds smallest portable PDF Viewer!

Aloahas portable PDF Reader has a compressed footprint of just 1,4 MB and as such would fit on a small old Floppy Disk.

The PDF Viewer does not require any installation nor any Admin rights! It can be downloaded HERE or from http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20338532/neverdelete/PDFViewer/AloahaPDFViewer.zip. Just start it from the downloaded zip file!

Please also visit the Aloaha Portable Viewer on www.aloaha.com

Also note that the portable Aloaha PDF Reader is standalone and does not require any installation. Additionally it is also included in Aloahas PDF Suite.


  • Multi-Threaded Page rendering – supports modern multi core machines.
  • Works completly in memory so no PDF leftovers in %temp% for extra security.
  • Secure – do not get infected with viruses and keep sensitive information safe.
  • Tiny Footprint – eliminate bloatware and help your computer run faster! No installation required!
  • Decrypts encrypted PDFs. (PDF Password Remover, removes PDF restrictions, password remover) (license required)
  • Opens Images as PDF. (Image2PDF / Image to PDF)
  • Copy page as image to clipboard.
  • Copy page as ASCII Text to clipboard. (PDF2TXT / PDF to Text)
  • OCR for PDF2TXT in case PDF is image based
  • Open RichtText *.rtf directly as PDF! (rtf2pdf)
  • Add RichText directly to PDF (Richtext2PDF / Text2PDF)
  • Open content of clipboard as PDF / convert content of clipboard to PDF.
  • Copy text selection as ASCII Text to clipboard.
  • Read out loud page or selection. (TTS)
  • Save page as HTML. (PDF2HTML / PDF to HTML)
  • Save page as Image. (PDF2Image / PDF to Image)
  • Append PDF Document / insert PDF Document / merge PDF Documents.
  • Append Images to PDF / insert Images into PDF Document. (img 2 pdf)
  • Place images on PDF pages. (Stamp Image on PDF)
  • PDF Split & Merge
  • Split PDF documents by pages (burst), page range, bookmark level oder pattern/regular expression
  • Extract single page of multipage pdf to a file.
  • Insert PDF Attachment in Page and adding PDF Attachment to Document.
  • Embed PDF in Executable. (PDF2EXE)
  • Multi-Threaded print page/print document.
  • Delete page from PDF without Software installation.
  • Move Page up and Move Page down.
  • Move Page to.
  • Rotate Page left and Rotate Page right.
  • Very fast – read PDF files without waiting and without having to install Software.
  • Incl. PDF Batch Print Processor for instant commandline printing/pdf batch printing.
  • Bookmarking.
  • Command Line Arguments supported
  • Supports Shell Extension Verbs Open and Print.
  • Easy navigation via double click, page up/down, scroll wheel, etc.
  • Keyboard control – all frequently used actions can be done with keyboard only.
  • Easy to use – keyboard shortcuts, intuitive interface, page thumbnail images, …
  • PDF Reader also available as .NET component for your own projects!

All the features above are available as royalty free .NET PDF SDK/Component. Please contact us at info@aloaha.com for further information!

PDF Batch Print Processor:

Just call the PDF Viewer with the “print” option and Aloaha will print the PDF directly to the default printer. For example: c:\> PDFViewer -print “c:\PDF Documents\Invoice1.pdf”
The commercial version will also allow to specify the printer via command line parameter!


  • .NET Framework min. 2.0 required
  • XP, 2003, 2008, 2008r2, Vista, W7 and also W8. All in 32 and 64 Bit mode.
  • Some very few features are disabled in the portable Version. Please install any licensed Aloaha Software to enable all features!


Please send feature requests to info@aloaha.com
Aloaha portable PDF Viewer Screenshot

Aloaha portable PDF Viewer


Pad File and HTML Pad


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