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Check and test Website Logon via Smartcard

Many customers are asking if we know any website they can use to test and check website logon via Smartcard or certificate. To make it easier for those customers we configured a test page on https://card.aloaha.com/CertAuth

Please note that that site might generate a warning in your browser since the root certifcate of the page is not issued by a trusted root. You can ignore this warning since this is purely a test page without any content.

Also note that revocation checks are disabled via HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\HTTP\Parameters\SslBindingInfo\\DefaultSslCertCheckMode=1

Nevertheless it might be required that we import the root certificate of your smartcard certificate into the machine store. So should you not be able to logon to our test website please send your root (and if required also your intermediate) certificate as a zipped .cer file to info@aloaha.com


If you do not have a Middleware (CSP/PKCS11) for you smartcard yet please have a look at the Aloaha Cardconnnector. Currently it supports more than 45 different cards!

The download link is: http://www.aloaha.com/download/cardconnector.zip



Aloaha HTML Formsaver aka Web Single Sign on

NOW included in Aloaha Smart Logon (http://www.aloaha.com/smartcard-software-en/aloaha-credential-provider.php)

Download from: http://www.aloaha.com/download/smartlogin.zip and request evaluation key from info@aloaha.com

Download manual here: Internet Explorer Form Saver and Single Sign-On manual

With the Aloaha HTML FormSaver you can save the contents of any HTML form field either DES or Certificate encrypted to a local database or Certificate Encrypted to the “Cloud”. It is mainly used as Single Sign On Solution for Websites or to use Smartcards to log on to any web site!

After you installed the installation package the Aloaha HTML Saver will be registered as an add-on in your Internet Explorer.

To save any formdata for the first time in the local forms database just add AloahaSave: before every value.

For example the website asks you for username/password and your username is “JohnDoe” and the password is “letmein”. You would write intead AloahaSave:JohnDoe and AloahaSave:letmein. The add-on will remove AloahaSave:, save the values to the local database and pass them back to the website.

It is essential that on the website the Submit Button is clicked! If you just press Enter IE will not fire the event to capture the data!

A good website for testing the product for the very first time is http://search.yahoo.com. Just enter AloahaSave:test in the searchmask, click search and then close the Internet Explorer. Now open the IE again and go to the search page and you see that the word “test” came automatically back into the searchmask. Now type in “Hello World”, cklick the search button and close IE again. Next time you go to the search page you will see “Hello World” again.

As mentioned before by default Aloaha DES encrypts all values. To switch to Certificate based encryption you need to open the HTML Saver GUI from that Start Menu:

Aloaha HTML FormSaver GUI

Aloaha HTML FormSaver GUI


To switch to certificate based encryption please choose the certificate to be used from the certificate list. Then confirm with “Test & Save Encryption Settings” and activate the checkbox. Now all values will be encrypted with the public key of the choosen certificate.

Certificate encrypted data can be synchronised with the “Cloud”. “AloahaCloud” is hosted at Aloaha but you can define any http/https URL which supports http post.

Saved values can be edited manually. Just doubleclick on a website in “Website Settings” and then edit the values on the right.

 To request the setup or evaluation version please contact info@aloaha.com


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